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Saleem’s Dream – Book Series Funny, beautiful, and at times even tear-jerker lessons as a young boy's dreams steer his heart and his actions. Previously inanimate objects and voiceless organs come to life to testify either for or against him. Loveable characters with hilarious voices deliver wholesome and powerful messages in a fun, yet subtle way. Anatomy, physiology, good character, decisiveness, self-esteem, respect, charity and more - all conveyed in a rhyme and cadence that's easy to read. Learn More
Listen To A Saleem’s Dream Audio Sample Normally inanimate characters come to life with unique personalities, hilarious voices, & very real concerns. Listen to a clip of Saleem's Dream audio book series. In this fun sample, Dr. Tori uses his own voice as the voice of Gastric Gus, Saleem's stomach and Steve, Saleem's esophagus as they testify in court. Learn More

The Author

Dr. Ed Tori - Author of the Saleem's Dream book seriesEdmund A. Tori, D.O. is a father of six children – five girls and one boy. Like most parents who read to their kids, Ed is able to say most of the his kids’ favorite books from memory (since they tend to ask for the same books over and over and over and over again 🙂 )

A lover of humor, education, and persuasion, Ed longed to write books for his own children – books that taught lessons from multiple different disciplines simultaneously, and did so in a funny and persuasive way. Initially, they were to become family heirlooms only – cool stuff in the treasure chest of his family’s history.

However, once Saleem’s Dream was born, it was catchy… first to cousins, then friends, then friends of friends. Well, Ed, with several of his own online services and businesses, decided to trial some prints through a print-on-demand service. Saleem’s Dream is currently in pre-publication printing only. (as discussions with publishers and media companies are ongoing)

In his “day job”, Ed serves as the Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Step-Down Unit at Union Memorial Hospital (UMH) in Baltimore, MD where he is responsible for running perioperative cardiac services. As a senior member of the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), Ed is the Director of Presence where his responsibilities include serving as the chief architect of MI2’s web presence and leveraging it to catalyze innovation throughout the MedStar Health system. He is currently piloting the development of “MI2 Sense”, a MedStar-wide social collaboration environment.

In addition to this work, Ed provides consulting on internet marketing, social media, and persuasion to small businesses and physician practices. He runs several health care training, marketing, and humor websites.

Ed completed his Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine followed by a residency in internal medicine at UMH where he was both Chief Resident and Resident of the Year. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies from Cornell University.

He and his wife (also a physician) homeschool their children in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lively & Loveable

Normally inanimate characters come to life with unique personalities, hilarious voices, & very real concerns. Listen to a Saleem's Dream audio book sample here.